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School books – we’ve got it covered

By Jo 6 years agoNo Comments

It might seem not so long ago that you were picking up or greeting your kids after their last day at school for the year wondering how were you going to keep them amused for the seven weeks ahead. Fast forward and it is back to school with a new set of school books and wondering how did that time go so quickly. Yes, another set of school books being taken to school along with the rejuvenated energy and ambition to fill them with fun, creativity and learning.

This year Hollie my 8 year old daughter wouldn’t let go of the need to cover her books. To make her books beautiful, unique and a reflection of her. Already challenged by half finished under utilised school books  I was not keen to add to the waste; book after book, year after year, a product to cover each of her books. Hollie had her on eye on some sticky plastic stuff but with some discussion, understanding and compromise we decided to get creative and have a go at making material covers for her books.

The covers came with a couple of requirements

  1. Hollie needed to choose a fabric that was time proof. Not a fabric she loved ‘today’ but had outgrown ‘tomorrow’. These were going to be her school book covers for as long as they lasted.
  2. We were going to try to reuse and recycle using some of my fabric scraps and turn unwanted garments into book covers

We worked out that Hollie had seven school books on the go at any one time.  Four- 1I5  Two- 1E8  and One- Topic book, so the goal was to make a total of seven covers. 

We consulted you tube for our process…

material cover school books hollie a Divine moment


Hollie managed to do most of the process involved and sewing herself and here she is with one of her proud creations. However we didn’t quite make our goal of seven. We managed four. That leaves three for the next holidays when I am wondering how to keep them amused.


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