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Home – growing flowers and foliage.

By Jo 7 years agoNo Comments

adjustedIMG_2562There has been a growing interest in growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruit at home. But what about growing your own flowers and foliage for cutting? Is it time to add this  into the mix of home cultivation?

Lets look at and answer a few questions on getting flowers and foliage into your home.

Why grow flowers for cutting? – what are the benefits of growing cut flowers at home.

There is something deeply satisfying in growing your own. Raising and nuturing something brings us back to our roots and gives us a sense of purpose. Flowers and foliage will help transform your space by providing colour and form. As well as a sense of energy, growth, and  freshness. They will help bring the outdoors in and connect you with the season.  It will become easier and more affordable to have flowers regularly in your home and the flowers will  last longer as the time frame from picking to vase is reduced.

Where are you going to grow flowers for cutting?

It will come down to the space you have available or you can create. Be open to your options. Maybe you have a space that you can designate as an area for cut flowers. Or maybe you can in fill in your established garden for example the path edge. What about growing them in pots.

Some key points to consider

  • You need to be able to easily reach the flowers so you can care for them and cut them.
  • To get the best from your cut flowers grow them in the conditions they are best suited for. 

How do you grow cut flowers?

We will look at each cut flower individually but you can raise your cut flowers in nutrient rich soil from:

  1. seed that you sow directly into the garden soil. You need to wait till any signs of frosts have past. If you keep an eye on nature it will let you know when the time is right- when you start to see seedlings starting to sprout in the garden
  2. seed that you sow into trays or containers that you then transplant into the garden when the seedlings are big enough.
  3. propogate some cut flowers and foliage by taking a cutting from the plant.

What cut flowers am I going to grow?

Well with anything new the best way to make sure you interest and enthusiasm doesn’t die is to start simple and build from there.

Start with varieties that

  • Give you the most flowers.
  • Are easiest to grow,
  • Last a long time once cut
  • Help provide a source of pollen and nectar ( they are in short supply) for our pollinating insects.

Divine is going to create a resource for growing flowers at home. One type of flower at a time. We will start with flowers that will easier high yield flowers. It will be a resource that will be gradually added to as we introduce flowers and foliage plants.

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