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Divine Food

Creating and sharing food .. a Divine moment. Read stories how to’s and inspiration so you can create Divine Food. Divine helping you create and share Divine moments.

Connecting over Cake

3rd MARCH 2016 by Jo

When did you last share a cake?

There are all sorts of changes that has put pressure on a tradition that is caked in history and social rewards.  Many of us are choosing not to bake or cook at home. If we do make the time and effort we have the options of many modern substitutes. Will I bake a cake, or maybe muffins, cupcakes or brownies?  Modern diets like gluten free, vegan and paleo are also providing additional challenges. Do you find that you are left asking yourself – is there anyone that is going to consume the cake that has special dietary requirements? Do I have the ingredients to cater for those diets and I have never used those ingredients before when baking a cake, will the cake even be a success?

Lets consider what makes a cake special. What makes it a Divine moment?

Material Book Covers school books a Divine moment

School Books- we’ve got it covered

29th FEBRUARY 2016 by Jo

It might seem not so long ago that you were picking up or greeting your kids after their last day at school for the year wondering how were you going to keep them amused for the seven weeks ahead. Fast forward and it is back to school with a new set of school books and wondering how did that time go so quickly. Yes, another set of school books being taken to school along with the rejuvenated energy and ambition to fill them with fun, creativity and learning.

This year Hollie my 8 year old daughter wouldn’t let go of the need to cover her books.