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Divine 57% Dark Chocolate

Dark 57 flowers800w white Divine Chocolate
Dark 57 spots Divine Chocolate 800w
Beautiful chocolate crafted with care in New Zealand so you can enjoy a Divine moment.
The ingredients used are gluten free and dairy free. It is produced in a facility that uses milk and nuts.
 Cacao 57%. Cocoa solids, sugar,  cocoa butter, soya lecithin and pure vanilla.
May contain: milk and tree nuts
Nutritional Information: per serving size of 15g
Energy  313 kj
Protein  0.74g
Fat  5.43g
Carbohydrates  8.39g  (sugar 6.44g)
Sodium  5.55mg
Storage Instructions: store in a cool dry place
Divine Chocolate Classic Range

Chilli- Dark

Chai – Milk

Sea Salt – Dark

Orange – Dark

72% Dark


Dark 57%


Divine Chocolate Origin Range




Divine Chocolate Organic Range

Dark 74%

Dark 66%

Milk 33%

Enjoy a Divine moment