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Connecting over Cake

By Jo 6 years agoNo Comments
Is the cake becoming a lost tradition?

When did you last share a cake?

There are all sorts of changes that has put pressure on a tradition that is caked in history and social rewards.  Many of us are choosing not to bake or cook at home. If we do make the time and effort we have the options of many modern substitutes. Will I bake a cake, or maybe muffins, cupcakes or brownies?  Modern diets like gluten free, vegan and paleo are also providing additional challenges. Do you find that you are left asking yourself – is there anyone that is going to consume the cake that has special dietary requirements? Do I have the ingredients to cater for those diets and I have never used those ingredients before when baking a cake, will the cake even be a success?

divine chocolate cake

Lets consider what makes a cake special. What makes it a Divine moment?

  • Thought, love and time goes into the creation of a cake
  • It is a symbol of celebration and sharing life
  • There is something in shapes – the round cake is cut into a wedge or triangle
  • It can be cut by someone who is important to the occassion.
  • Once cut it is then shared.
  • Each piece of cake is lovingly given and warmingly received.
  • Through sharing we create connections. Connections that enable and create conversation and camaraderie
  • Every cake has it own history and origins
    • A sense of association and place from the ingredients used in a cake or the cake itself
    • A sense of association and connection with those that may have also baked the cake, or created the recipe.


So much from a simple pleasure – the cake. Their are many other food choices that can have a similar social importance and reward as the cake but not the same history and tradition. Go and find those favourite old or nana’s recipe or search for a modern version and give it a go. I think you will be surprised at your enjoyment and success.

Create Divine moments bake and share a cake.

Now you could choose any type of cake but you know we had to choose a chocolate cake. This one is a chocolate and beetroot cake. The chocolate cake is full of history but this one is a modern version catering for the modern diet.

Lets have a look at the key type of ingredients you will need.

Coconut Oilt

You will find the recipe in a beautiful blog called Gather and Feast.

Enjoy a Divine moment.
Thanks for reading
Divine helping you create and share Divine moments



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