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Join Divine. Create Divine moments

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Create a Divine experience for your guests


a beautiful place to be

a warm and generous welcome awaits me.


…a Divine moment

Create the finishing touches that your guests deserve

The hand wrapped delicious chocolate parcels are the perfect size for enjoying in the moment. The variety of chocolates and designs enables you to select a range that fits perfectly with the experience you have created.

Divine chocolates are ideal in a range of settings:

  • a gift to say welcome or thankyou

  • a wonderful treat for guests to enjoy in a room, in a hamper or with a drink.

Give your guests…a Divine moment


Accommodation providers

We have worked hard to create a place that is special . Divine fits perfectly with that experience and shows that we care. Our guests are always commenting on them.

I thought I just wanted our logo on our personalised chocolate. But Divine created for us a gorgeous pattern from our logo and we now have a beautiful, elegant chocolate that is unique to us and expresses the experience we offer. It’s our wrap and then we choose from the variety of chocolates. I love it.

We have chocolates out for our guest to enjoy. The colourful, beautiful and delicious chocolates fit perfectly with the experience we have created. Our guests enjoy relaxing with a drink and often choose a chocolate at the end of the day or after dinner.

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