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Join Divine. Create Divine moments

How the world became a little more Divine

The idea of Divine came from that moment when we recognised that chocolate is all about moments.

Whether the moment be…relaxing on the sofa with a loved companion lost in a movie, an occasion with family and friends, a quiet second for a sneaky piece of choc…. , shh know one will know, or finding a few spare minutes and a warm comfortable spot for that chapter beckoning, or…

Chocolate helps make those moments, life’s moments special. It can take the everyday or ordinary and make it special but there was not a chocolate which was up to the task of being ‘extra ordinary’. So we set about crafting Divine a beautiful chocolate, for a Divine moment.

Meet the Family behind Divine.


Hello we are Jo and Nic and the chief chocolate tasters Sam and Hollie

We live in the wonderful Nelson region, and are fortunate to be able to enjoy many simple pleasures, beautiful places and spaces, fun, engaging celebrations and occassions, and happy friendships and people.
We like to think of life as full (but not busy) where we find many ways to create moments and memories.
We hope that the care and passion that goes into creating Divine will help you create and share moments,  Divine moments.
Join us on a journey of a world with more Divine moments.

Join Divine and let us help you create and share Divine moments.